Case Study

Let's take a look at a case study where we can walk you through a typical process when a project enters Shineyuu. We can show you its design stage, where we implement cooling circuits and runners and show you layouts of the tools which will result in the finalized product.

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First, we will take a look at the project:

About The Product

The product is about a set of junction boxes for an automotive company. A junction box is used to transfer power from the powerhouse of the vehicle to every other component. It purpose is to switch the distribution of power within this junction, thus helping the vehicle maintain proper functionality and keep all of its systems in good condition. The junction box material itself was built with polypropylene, otherwise known as PP. Its mold type required a three plate mold, making it cheaper to build and less likely to break down along with a pin gate, used for more complex parts.

Below is a rapid mold design overview and process for our case study.

Case Study Component Image

Below you can see a shrink mark estimate of the product. This is where a plastics part with thickness variations will experience differing rates of cooling and shrinkage. The result is likely to be a part that is warped and distorted, one in which close tolerances become impossible to hold. This is why a shrink mark estimate is vital.

Left case study component image
Right case study component image

Cooling circuits & Tool Properties

After initial stages, properties have been assigned to the part's cold runner and cooling channels in order to demonstrate the effects of the material's thermal conductivity used in the construction of the rapid mold.

Case study component image 1
Case study component image 2
Case study component image 3
Case study component image 4

Runner Configurations

Below you can see the gate sizes and types are pin gates which are fed by a cold runner.

Left pin gate image
Right pin gate image

Tool Layout

Here you will see the tool layout of both the cavity and core.

Cavity image
Core image

How Shineyuu Does Rapid Tooling

The below image shows the process of how we bring your design idea to reality.

Rapid prototyping lifecycle model

Here at Shineyuu, we happily provide superior rapid tooling services at extremely competitive prices. We utilize steel molding tooling techniques, which is utilized as part of the molding process to create multiple copies of your parts. Our services include rapid tooling and mass production tooling. For more information or to get a quote from us, please contact us today!

Please provide 3D files and give us as much information as you can.

  • Application Data (mold material, finish, etc.)
  • Volume of parts required from the tool.
  • Tolerances of the component.
  • Life of the project.

We can then complete our specification sheet and evaluate the costs more exactly.

Check out our rapid prototyping tooling and manufacturing pdf here!